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The seats

How are the meetings held?


For the first time after a personal check-in and appointment, we discuss issues that may arise, whether past unprocessed events or current-life difficulties that are the root of the current problem. This is followed by a life course interview to help you better understand. Possible questions before the psychological therapy (eg how does the psychologist work? What will happen during the sessions?) And – if any – the history of previous treatments are discussed. This initial period is also a period of tune-in, which is very important as it develops a deep relationship of trust in which you can talk honestly about anything.

This is followed by a verbal agreement on the framework and objectives of the joint work. The goals are always formulated by the client, and the therapist will only assist in setting goals that have realistic measurable results.
After that, the work begins with a method that is appropriate to your problem, based on mutual cooperation and in consultation or supportive therapeutic settings. Feedback is an important part of this: we regularly discuss the results and changes we make and move forward with them.