Family system analysis

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The family is the most important group, a complex unit of action in society. It has significant values and great personality-forming power, as family members are in constant contact with each other. The family is a system of emotional relationships that defines the foundations of our social and psychic environment. The family system has to follow external and internal changes. This is often not easy, because the relationship between family members also changes. Occasionally, such changes may not be followed by the family, leading to dysfunction in the form of behavioral or physical symptoms. Family system analysis is based on the fact that the individual cannot be separated from his / her environment because it is an integral part of it.

In addition to well-functioning patterns, the family can pass on inappropriate patterns to its members that unconsciously influence members and determine the lives of family members. Such patterns often have the greatest impact on children and can easily appear as behavioral or physical symptoms.

During the family system analysis, the family tree is also analyzed, with the help of which harmful samples are discovered. The client’s current social relationships also serve as a starting point for a better understanding of the situation.