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[img type=”rounded” responsive=”true”][/img]The word relaxation literally means relaxation, and is a synonym for methods that are used to eliminate the physical and psychological symptoms of anxiety.

The method achieves mental relaxation through controlled relaxation of body muscles. The brain’s frequency decreases, its state of consciousness changes, and it becomes introverted. In our age, stress threatens almost everyone. Symptoms of stress may include increased heart rate, sweating, shortness of breath, metabolic disorders, muscle tension, and headache.

The state of relaxation reduces the harmful effects of stress in our body, improves the oxygen supply to the organs, slows down the metabolic rate by 18-20%, decreases the lactic acid level in the blood, decreases the cholesterol level by 30%, and increases the endorphin level.

In a state of relaxation, we become more open to our emotions, which form the basis of work on later symbolic images such as imagination, meditation, hypnosis, and ego-state.